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This spot is a little more modern and a solid option for folks with a weak stomach.

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Packed with locals traversing frenetically from point to point, the sheer volume of occupants also highlights the ever-increasing attraction of global investors and vacationing jet-setters alike.

Situated on the eastern shore of Manila Bay, the city in recent years has transformed its image from a once war-ravaged region into a hotbed for foreign expats looking to start anew.

This spot has great local food and is foreigner-friendly.

You’re going to want to order the Chicken Inasal which is BBQ chicken Bacolod style. Philippines BBQ chicken is so good they made the chicken ass crackin!

If I couldn’t pick one of our own spots, I’d recommend our friend Anton’s store .

It’s a surf-inspired shop cafe that carries some pretty hard to find labels. For entertainment shopping and the latest luxury bootlegs that you didn’t know you wanted, Market Market and Greenhills has it all, in every color you didn’t know they make.

Though still subject to rampant poverty with scads of shantytowns spattered about, an all-new wave of economic expansion now has skyscrapers piercing the sky with plenty of attractions waiting in the wings.

For those keen on a closer look, Manila still bears a spirited soul — brimming with edgy art exhibits, an aspiring streetwear scene, and diverse nightlife with countless culinary gems dispersed throughout.

Zara, H&M and Pull & Bear are a few that I make sure to check out when I hit the malls.

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