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There were hundreds of sites to choose from, all with really ­positive, bouncy names that it must have taken marketing executives hours of brainstorming to come up with.

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As I learned, this is a complete waste of time — especially for women.

It doesn’t matter if you have climbed ­Everest in your lunch break and ­discovered a cure for cancer — no one will read it., the world’s biggest ­dating site, asks dozens of pointless questions that go on for pages and pages.

I don’t think she could have been more ashamed if she’d confessed to drowning puppies.

Nowadays, the stigma surrounding internet dating has all but gone.

We agreed to meet again and I went home to tell my flatmate, a ­fellow internet dater, that I had a good ­feeling about this one. I also never made my peace with the fact I was looking for men via my computer.

She replied cynically: ‘He’s ­probably back online now, lining up the next one.’ I checked his profile online — it was flashing, which meant that he was messaging someone else. And that’s the huge stumbling block with internet dating: there’s too much choice. It felt a little bit grubby and, if I’m honest, desperate. Why on earth did I think the idea of a childless woman cruising for men at the zoo was somehow less embarrassing than admitting the truth?I suppose Oddballs And Social ­Misfits is never going to attract too many customers, is it?The tedious questions were still there and all the men had user names such as Stud4U or Adonis82.Any online dater will stand or fall on the strength of their photo.And as the average person looks, well, average, they have to boost their chances of success by posting totally ­unrealistic images.A man signing up for the first time (and I know this because I tried it) would have been greeted with ­pictures of ­Scarlett Johansson ­lookalikes, ­boasting about their ­cooking skills while posing in bikinis.

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