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Carol claims St Paul's has a file sharing network with other colleges to allow for peer reviewing, which they called the 'Fun Box.' Students share illegally downloaded movies and TV shows, which they used as a tool to humiliate women.

'They would change the titles of movies and TV shows to puns and jokes,' Carol told Daily Mail Australia.'It began with jokes about students being fat, but eventually they targeted specific women.

Other rituals, which are introduced to first-year students during Orientation Week, include students being encouraged to post graphic and embarrassing photos about other students' sexual activity online, drink their own vomit and smear faeces on the walls.

The 200-page report focused on the country's leading colleges over an 18-month period and was published by activist group End Rape on Campus on Monday.'While there have been dozens of attempts to stop the abuse over this period, sexual assault and hazing activities have continued,' co-author Nina Funnell said.'In recent years, students and parents have alleged that hazing has contributed to self-harm and actual suicide.'The report details drinking games where students are egged on to consume more than a dozen drinks without a bathroom stop, causing them to wet their pants, and other rituals such as locking new students in bathrooms and dousing them with vats of dead fish.

A spokesman for St Paul's College said 'there is not a culture of hazing at' on the grounds.'It is a very positive, warm and welcoming community in which students achieve outstanding academic and extra-curricular results.

The College is committed to the values of respect and dignity, including equality of respect for women and men, and actions inconsistent with these values are not tolerated.''As part of the College’s commitment to respect and dignity for all, a review of college culture, led by Elizabeth Broderick, is being undertaken.

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It provides a significant opportunity for the College as a community to learn and improve.'Another woman, who attended a girl's college at Sydney University several years ago, told Daily Mail Australia she was a victim of public shaming from St Paul's boys after having relationships with some of the male students.

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