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The second guy to do so bears the exact same costs, but ends up needing to settle for fewer customers and lower prices.

The third guy has the same costs but, again, less than half the customers and competitive prices.

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In related news, I Googled myself for the first time in awhile (Oh shut up, you do it too), and humbly discovered I was on a list of good cancer reads on

If you want to other viewpoints on this dark and stormy battle, check out the list.

You want to force them into a situation where the only exciting thing they can possibly do is invest in improving their network and expanding its capacity.

Of course, you don't want people doing anti-competitive vertical mergers.

Judge Richard Leon has set March 19 as the beginning of the trial at which the Justice Department will seek to block the merger of AT&T and Time Warner.

The trial will turn, as trials necessarily do, on a lot of legal details and precedents.

Hence for a while, Time Warner Cable and Time Warner were part of the same company, Comcast bought NBC Universal (and is a minority stakeholder in Vox Media), and now AT&T is trying to buy Time Warner.

We've also allowed telecom infrastructure companies to own different kinds of infrastructure.

But normal human beings like to see themselves as the heroes of their own story.

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