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They recommend focussing more on activities we enjoy to better our satisfaction with life.

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The researchers go on to put forward several several policy changes that could help governments and councils make their citizens happier, including providing more libraries and volunteering opportunities.

When they analysed the 1930s happiness accounts the team found the top three themes to emerge as being connected with happiness were 'contentment/peace of mind', 'family and home' and 'other people'.'Contentment' and 'peace of mind' meant having 'enough' rather than seeking wealth.'Family and home' was seen as happy marriages, healthy children and a place for repose.'Other people' meant giving to and helping others less fortunate than themselves.

One has to applaud his refusal to peddle the usual Jewish-history clichés with this tale of King David’s delivery of the Israelites.

As he points out, there’s not a trace of Jewishness in it: its original audience would have been more likely to interpret it as a parable about regime-change and the fall of the House of Stuart.

The team suggest that people today are more 'passive' than in the 1930s because they spend a lot of time on the internet and social media.

This, the researchers say, impairs our enjoyment of life because we are not active 'agents' of our own leisure time.

into a cross between a fight-club spectacular and a voyeuristic soft-porn romp.

For his Glyndebourne debut he has chosen Saul, one of the magnificent oratorios which Handel wrote in the years preceding the Messiah.

Today people are more individualistic thanks to social media and the internet, the team said.

The companionship of social media is an illusion, the researchers claim, meaning people lead more solitary lives today.

Kosky has come good: this is a landmark production.

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