Microsoft publisher updating a website

Once the "Save As" dialog box appears, type the name of the file you want to save as in the "File name" box.For example, if you are making the main page of your website, you should call the page "index" (without the quotes).As such, their features are optimized for that purpose.

Microsoft publisher updating a website Sexchatin sites in nigeria

When I click on the EXPORT button and then the PUBLISH HTML button, an error message appears.

The message says that my files cannot be saved to the Web because the folder is read only.

The "Web Page" option creates HTML pages with additional hidden Word formatting code.

This additional code is (hopefully) ignored by web browsers and search engines, but is used interally by Word when you open that same file again to edit it.

More importantly, websites have interactive features, such as menu buttons that change colour when the mouse hovers over it, or forms that can be submitted, layout and content that can change when certain actions are taken, etc.

If you were to design your web page using a wordprocessor, you will be unnecessarily restricting yourself to the subset of features that printed pages have in common with web pages. If you're adamant about using Word to create a web page, carry on reading the rest of this article.

I'm assuming that if you are asking this question, you already know how to use Word, and just want to know if you can use it to make a web page.) To create links to other web pages, do the following.

If you use Word 2003, just skip to the Word 2003 section.

If you are using Word 2007, click the nameless round button at the top left of the Word window.

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