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Michael engages in an off-again, on-again relationship with Maria De Luca, a human in which he falls perpetually in love with midway through the first season.

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I’ve been incessantly checking for updates on the Marvel UCS Helicarrier which I’m dead set on buying and chanced upon a sneaky listing of the 75095 UCS Tie Fighter together with the Australian release date and price.

The UCS Tie Fighter will cost you $299.99 and it will be available online on .

Ok I'm back to find issue and turned out the webpages I created, contains "medium", not "large" at all. I knew that I have to replace (or add) from .large to .medium on @media print.

I’m not the most ardent LEGO Star Wars collector, but I do have a soft spot for Original Trilogy builds and vehicles so I’m pretty happy that LEGO officially announced the Ultimate Collector Series Tie Fighter at the recent New York Toy Fair.

He has also been seen firing blasts of energy out of his hands and displaying a great amount of physical strength. " Michael realizes that because Max "died" because of Clayton, he was now the leader and it is revealed that he inherited all of Max's unique powers.

This is temporary because Max eventually regains his position as leader.

No word on a VIP presale, but I would be surprised if there wasn’t one.

It’s a bit of a waste that LEGO didn’t pick May the 4th as the release date.

He breaks into the sheriff's office to look for answers, but the files he needs had been taken by the FBI, so instead he finds a key, which gives him an image of a geodesic dome.

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