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The February 1976 convention was the last organized by 'The Committee' and opened at the Commodore Hotel under Thom Anderson as chairman.Over 5,000 fans attended and the overflow had to be turned away.However, the 1972 convention was the first convention that had guests. "We were cutting and sticking labels and pinning them on with straight pins." "....[They] had expected about 500 to attend the convention.

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Guests included William Shatner, Isaac Asimov, Majel Barrett, Hal Clement, David Gerrold, Devra Lansing, Gene Roddenberry, George Takei, and Bill Theiss, costume designer who brought with him costumes that he had fans model.

This convention "was also crowded, more so because some sneaky kids teamed with a dishonest printer to sell counterfeit tickets."" Al Shuster, the former "Committee" chair put on his own Star Trek convention a month earlier under the name "The International Star Trek Convention" at the Statler Hilton after having a falling out in 1974 with the original organizers which led to at least one lawsuit.

That's the way that goes—we had help from a friend who had access to a real computer, so we were able to computerize our mailing list long before anybody besides big companies ever dreamed of that, and we sent out a progress report, which is what the Worldcons do, saying, "Hey, look at this.

We've invited this person to come, and he says he's going to come." We didn't say how much we had to pay him.

One pale, serious kid who looked about 11 approached another -- 'Aren't you that "Dark Shadows" freak? Yet the event never got out of hand; Trek fans have a reputation for being well behaved, if exuberant, and this proved that it is one they deserve.

The mood was exhilarating, and when Roddenberry spoke, the crowd exploded.

There's a whole busload from Toronto.'"The convention was dreamed up and organized by three adult sci-fi freaks and show buffs, but it seemed to have been taken over completely by kids -- they manned most of the tables and did most of the trading.

Few people over 16 were in sight, but there were plenty of 10- and even eight-year-olds lugging around huge suitcases crammed with treasured nuggets of Startrekia, and they approached the business at hand with the same circumspection that's evident at a big Parke-Bernet event. ' 'Some early glossies, to trade for Shatner shots only.' 'So, let's have a look.""The auditorium had seating for 500 - and 1500 crowded in to hear Roddenberry speak.

” Suddenly it seemed possible that the series wasn’t dead after all." The history of the convention was detailed in Joan Winston's 1977 essay So you want to have a "Star Trek" convention which was printed in the Starlog magazine.

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