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The first convention was such a success, in terms of reaching people, that when we started to do the second one, we got a lot of people coming back.

However, the 1972 convention was the first convention that had guests. "We were cutting and sticking labels and pinning them on with straight pins." "....[They] had expected about 500 to attend the convention.

But, four hours before it was officially due to start, [Al Schuster] looked around at the mob scene on the 18th floor [of the Statler Hilton Hotel] and said, 'It's wild. They're coming in from all over, Arizona, California, Canada.

the organizers assembled for another, larger convention in 1973 and over 10,000 fans registered to attend.

The Committee planned better in 1973, picking a larger hotel, The Commodore, and this second event was the first one that actors James Doohan and George Takei attended. Spock, aka Leonard Nimoy, made a surprise appearance - he happened to be in town - and was almost mobbed.

The Committee event faced stiff local competition with Al Schuster's International Star Trek Convention taking place in mid January 1976 and Lisa Boyton's highly commercial event only two weeks later.

And, that year, Al Shuster put on his own 10th Anniversary convention held at - yes again - the Statler hotel in New York. (convention), also known simply as the "Star Trek Con," or "Feb Con," or the "Committee Cons" (while Al Schuster was part of the Committee, called the "International Star Trek Convention"). In later years: Barbara Wenk, Wendy Lindboe, Louise Sachter, Stuart Grossman, Claire Eddy, Diane Duane and David Simmons served on the Committee. was a early and influential series of Star Trek conventions held in New York in 1972-1976. From the 1973 program book: Joan Winston & Elyse Pines/Elyse Rosenstein (Other members included Allan Asherman, Eileen Becker, Steve Rosenstein, Dana Anderson, Thom Anderson, Renee Bodner, Stu Hellinger, Devra Langsam, Deborah Langsam, Eileen Becker, Maureen Wilson, Joyce Yasner and Al Schuster) aka The Committee (Star Trek).The February 1976 convention was the last organized by 'The Committee' and opened at the Commodore Hotel under Thom Anderson as chairman.Over 5,000 fans attended and the overflow had to be turned away.One pale, serious kid who looked about 11 approached another -- 'Aren't you that "Dark Shadows" freak? Yet the event never got out of hand; Trek fans have a reputation for being well behaved, if exuberant, and this proved that it is one they deserve.

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