Modern finnish dating practices

The future daughter-in-law might also stay for a week and help with the household work. and in the 17th century it could be silver goblets.

Rings weren't used until the 18th century in western Finland, and not until the early 19th century in eastern Finland.

t times while doing genealogy research, I've noticed that young couples married at a very young age and wondered if there was an error in the dates.

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Modern finnish dating practices

If they married against their parents' wishes, they could not expect a dowry or inheritance.

After 1864 a 21-year-old could marry anyone without consent.

In a culture where silence is a virtue, extreme chattiness is viewed with surprise or suspicion.

In a culture where personal space is a right and not a privilege, a handshake is always appropriate, but a hug and kissing is not.

The opportunities for young people to get acquainted were limited.

The busiest times were between Easter and Midsummer, and between Michaelmas and Christmas.

Since 1911 girls have been allowed to marry at age 17.

Girls under the age of 20 weren't considered mature enough for marriage, but by age 25 a girl was looked upon as an old maid.

There were also various church holidays and festivals.

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