Modern finnish dating practices

The farm owners in southwest Finland hired a professional spokesman.The spokesman presented the case in a traditional custom known throughout Scandinavia and Europe.A formal proposal of marriage was preceeded by a discreet inquiry to ensure it would not meet rejection.

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In fact the world is mediated through our dominant assumptions, values, and beliefs.

Our cultural prism determines how we understand and know ourselves, others, and the world.

When bicycles came along, young people had more opportunities to meet.

"Bundling" or gadding about at night was known throughout the country.

The future daughter-in-law might also stay for a week and help with the household work. and in the 17th century it could be silver goblets.

Rings weren't used until the 18th century in western Finland, and not until the early 19th century in eastern Finland.Since 1911 girls have been allowed to marry at age 17.Girls under the age of 20 weren't considered mature enough for marriage, but by age 25 a girl was looked upon as an old maid.t times while doing genealogy research, I've noticed that young couples married at a very young age and wondered if there was an error in the dates.Recently I read that the minimum marriage age was set in the Ecclesiastic Law of 1686.The suitor was accompanied by a spokesman; in western Finland this was an older person and a family friend.

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