Modifications necessary to dns for accommodating rodc vldsw ru dating

It is not intended to support the single-label name resolution of records that are dynamically registered in WINS.

Support for these dynamically registered records is not scalable, especially for larger costumers with multiple domains or forests. Explain the modifications necessary to DNS for accommodating Read Only Domain Controllers (RODC).

modifications necessary to dns for accommodating rodc-47

An RODC provides a more secure mechanism for deploying a domain controller in this scenario.

You can grant a nonadministrative domain user the right to log on to an RODC while minimizing the security risk to the Active Directory forest.

An RODC provides a way to deploy a domain controller more securely in locations that require fast and reliable authentication services but cannot ensure physical security for a writable domain controller.

However, your organization may also choose to deploy an RODC for special administrative requirements.

The impact will probably only be noticeable for very large zones. Explain how DNS has been modified to add support for IP version 6 (IPv6).

How can DNS distinguish between an IP version 4 (IPV4) and IPv6 host in determining which...Changes must be made on a writable domain controller and then replicated back to the RODC.Local applications that request Read access to the directory can obtain access.In such cases, the LOB application owner must often log on to the domain controller interactively or use Terminal Services to configure and manage the application.This situation creates a security risk that may be unacceptable on a writable domain controller. What is the purpose if the Global Names Zone in Windows Server 2008 DNS servers?

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