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An Elmira wedding of special interest to Waverly people was that of Miss Claribel Merrill, daughter of Mr. During this time however the family came here each summer occupying their home at the corner of Chemung and Athens streets, thus keeping in touch with their early friends. Payne died here about five years ago and since that time Mr. Buck, station agent of the Erie railroad at Waverly, was assigned the subject of "Glittering Generalities" and the address was so filled with matters of interest to Waverly that we give below the principal parts of it: Mr. Ross, of Hornell, formerly pastor of the Presbyterian church, was here Monday attending the funeral of the late John Lewis. Here you have a whole battery of machines which do wonderful things, even to drilling a square hole in one process and the Fox lathes which turn brass and copper into all shapes and sizes so quickly you are amazed. Sabin; "The Summer Girl," by John Kendrick Bangs; and "The Plans of the Bureau of the Census," by R. Verses by Madison Cawein, Ruth Guthrie Harding, Dysart Mc Mullen, Charles Hanson Towne, and W. Lampton, some pungent epigrams, the usual big department of humor - "Walnuts and Wind" - and a new department devoted to motor-cars and motoring, complete this noteworthy issue of a long-established magazine. Ad: Losie Brothers - Slate, tile, gravel, and composition roofing. February 10, 1911 The Waverly Free Press And Tioga County Record: Married at Elmira. For years they conducted a large store in the Shepard block, now occupied by the Tioga Steam Laundry, but some time ago the deceased left here to become manager of the New York house of E. Heraty & Co., and took up his residence in Brooklyn. George Adams of Geneseo; Robert Holbert, of Philadelphia; John Semple, of New York, and Mr. See the six inch bar being cut into bushings as easily and quickly as you whittle a stick of wood. Other noteworthy papers are "Thou Shalt Not Steal," by Willard French; "Toward the Open," by Minnia Thomas Antrim; "Let the Head-Lines Tell," by George Knapp; "The Boy Scouts Movement, " by Edwin L. A new departure for Lippincott's is the "Financial Department," which will be helpful to all investors, especially small ones. Knapp) The tenth annual reunion of the Brooks family will be held in Eldridge Park, Elmira, on Wednesday, August 16th. Fine house and lot on Lyman avenue with 3 1/2 acres, 13 more acres that could be purchased or rented. - See the locomotive crane with magnet attachment for picking up scrap irons which lie scattered about the yard from repaired cars. During the last year the faculty has labored assiduously to enhance the fame of the school and their work has not been lost, and the prospects for the ensuing terms are bright with the hope that is entertained, that before long the institution will become a college for young women. The exercises for this, the ninety-seventh Commencement, were held in the gymnasium, to which the procession was led by the marshals, teh Misses ...

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I went to my friend, Ray Tompkins at Elmira, who is the head of C. I then went to our friend who is now passed away, Mr. If it had not been for our Fire Department, during the past few weeks, I fear that we would have had a loss that would have greatly embarrassed you members of this Board, but by their united efforts, they saved the village from partial destruction, at least. The funeral was held at the home Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock with the Rev. These you see here were once the "Pride of the Valley", a few short years since and, like the humans who built and planned and ran them, await dissolution and the passing away of their individualities.

Walker, suggested it to him, but he had his hands full in his retail trade. The coming summer the boys are going to have a holiday, they are going to have a convention and you gentlemen should make every effort, to show your appreciation of their good work. Snow entertained the chapter with an original poem lauding the heroes of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. The chapter is planning a Colonial Tea for the May meeting. Parke Richards of the Presbyterian church, and the Rev. Now we pay a short visit to the tank and cab shops and see the same processes going on. Note the destruction and complete removal of old paint from the cisterns and other parts by the sand blasting process which is done in an almost incredible short time.

During Monday's storm lightning struck a large hen house on Riverside farm, about three miles east of this village and the building was totally destroyed. Several Elmira musicians will assist in the program, donating their services on this occasion, though they are numbered among the best of the paid musicians. Charles Weller, Waverly; Charles X O' Brien, Elmira. - Next the Scrap Dock, the natural destintation of the broken and worn out metals from the entire plant are here sorted and shipped to possibly again be re-incarnated into a more modern "Pride of the Valley." - Next the mammoth Storehouse where hundreds of thousand dollars worth of materials are stored and given out on authentically signed orders, which must bear the detailed purpose for which it is to be used. Here all passenger cars are cleaned and painted, the Paint Shop accommodating about 40 passenger cars at one time. Slaughter will leave today to attend the commencement exercise at the Emma Willard school at Troy, where her daughter, Gertrude, will graduate. The First Class to Graduate From the New Emma Willard School Numbers Twenty-nine - ...

It was an octagon building about 50 feet in diameter, two stories high, and cost, when built by James Forsyth, in the neighborhood of $3,000. Berry, who came here from the west about three years ago, and was not insured. Berry purchased the property a large barn on the premises was struck by lightning and burned, together with its contents, and the year before a small building was also burned by lightning. The program will be as follows: Overture, Kramm's orchestra; soprano solos, Mrs. Every detail of sanitation is observed here for every car passing through the shop. June 1911 Ithaca New York Daily News: (Stayed at) Clinton House - .... Charlotte Slaughter, Miss Gertrude Slaughter, Waverly; .... All Troy applauds the fair graduates of the Emma Willard School, because with every year the prestige of the famous institution is increased and its standard educationally raised.

I have talked longer than I intended and I do not know of anything especially interesting that I have said, but in conclusion I want to say that we need a new name, or perhaps not a new name, but the first thing we should do is to adopt a resolution agreeing to "Get Together." We also need a little more grit. The want of it, the chump; The men who win, lay hold, Hang on and hump. The remains of George Buck, who died last week of consumption, at Colorado Springs, Col., were brought here Sunday morning and brief services were held at Forest Home Cemetery, conducted by Rev. The deceased was the son of the late Josiah Buck, for many years one of our best known residents and the Erie ticket agent. was held on Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Ellsworth Gamble on the evening of Tuesday, April 25, at 8 o'clock. Now we pass into the Blacksmith Shop where the great steam hammers shake the roof and the clang of the hammer on the anvil is omnipresent, forges, fires, flying metal and seething furnaces of oil, driven mad by air, generating a white heat, all adding to the usual glamor of a smithy.

To get results we must do this; some people get results if kindly encouraged, which is very commendable, but give me a Business Men's Association, that can do things, in spite of hell. He had resided at Springfield, Mass., for several years but his health failing had gone to Colorado, hoping the change would be a benefit. Knapp & Son have added a millinery department of ready to wear hats, which will be in charge of the Misses Maria and Mildred Case. This tea will be given under the auspices of the Ladies' Auxiliary of the People's Hospital for the benefit of the ambulance fund. See the ingots here weighing a ton; this a side rod in embryo; then the chains, bolts, hangers, pilots, stay plates, etc., etc., all singing the song of the anvil.

3 - The business section of this town was threatened with destruction for several hours this morning by an incendiary fire which destroyed the Tioga hotel. Help was summoned from Sayre, Pa., a few miles away, and the entire fire department of that town responded. I, at times, think they do not appreciate their worth. - Now the West Bay, and here again we see the same process the East Bay showed.

January 6, 1911 "Waverly Free Press And Tioga County Record: Will of Joseph Theodore Sawyer. This may cause some of the business men to stop, look and listen, but these figures are substantially correct and shows to your Association the value of railroads to this Valley. Page, Miss Charlotte Snell and Miss Anna Snell of Athens. Without really consulting any one, the number of directors was changed from fourteen to nine. If you are awed at this spectacle, regain your composure for it is assured by scientific test that the great crane slings and appliances have been carefully prepared for the work they are required to do, and, were the engineer to stick to his throttle, he would reach his destination after a flying trip of several hundred feet through air as safe and unharmed as if running under control on a straight track.

A Glance Into the Past From 1911 and on We would like to thank the Fulton History website for historical newspapers. With its assistance the fire was finally gotten under control. Would you believe gentlemen, that these same railroads, about whom we hear at times many complaints, pay out each month at Waverly and Sayre large sums of money. Engines torn down, half completed and engines ready to go out on the road.

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