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The pleasure was intense and was heightened by the fact that the other boys were only several feet away in another room.Of course, one of the boys was my son but being with one of his friends was one of my darkest fantasies.“He’s gonna make me cum,” I thought, feeling my pussy tightening around his cock.

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” I thought as I nervously drank my coffee.“Sorry about last night,” he said, making me almost spit out my coffee.“Uh, what do you mean?

” I asked, trying not to give anything away.“I’m not sure if you slept well with me taking up half your bed,” he said.“Oh, I slept just fine,” I told him with great relief. ”“Good, it was warm and cozy,” he said, probably alluding to my pussy.

In the morning, I was the first one to wake up in the house and I immediately headed for the shower.

I wanted Brad to wake up by the time I got out, so he would see that I hadn’t noticed anything from the previous night and that I wasn’t acting strange.“I came so good last night,” I thought, detaching the showerhead to bring it between my legs.

Friday night, the boys were playing video games in my son’s room while I figured out where they would be sleeping.

More boys than I had expected had shown up so one of them was going to have to sleep in my room.

He quickly moved my bikini panties aside and rubbed his head over my wetness before slowly pushing his length in.

I felt every inch of him entering and stretching my pussy until his head was buried deep inside of me.

I ended up making breakfast only for Brad, as all the other boys had left for Paul’s house.

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