Motorcylcle dating sites

Not extra traveller's cheques or the Amex travel insurance hotline - but a handgun. Guevara is played by the superbly handsome and charismatic Gael García Bernal - he actually had the role before, in a 2002 TV mini-series about Fidel Castro - and is utterly convincing as an energetic, fiercely idealistic, but formidably serious and focused young man.

Despite what Chekhov said about what happens when you see pistols in the first act, Che never uses this gun. Rodrigo de la Serna plays the chubby and genial Granado, who provides light relief on the journey, and the heartstoppingly beautiful Mía Maestro is Che's patrician girlfriend and semi-official fiancee Chichina, with whom Che fails to have sex on a stopover at her father's handsome hacienda.

Motorcylcle dating sites

It is based partly on Che's own memoir - originally and unsexily called Travel Notes, later renamed The Motorcycle Diaries - and Granado's book Travels With Che Guevara.

Their ambitious route took them from Guevara's elegant, upper-middle-class family home in Argentina, through the Andes, into Chile, then to the Peruvian Amazon and Machu Picchu, planning to arrive in Venezuela in time for Alberto's 30th birthday.

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And all this in 1952: no backpackers, no tourists, nothing but the open road, with some lovely landscapes exquisitely photographed by Eric Gautier.

It has the same kind of sumptuously beautiful look Salles conjured for his Brazilian revenge drama Behind the Sun.

Both have an eye for the ladies, which gets them chased out of town by furious husbands.

But they also come into contact with a species they had never before properly encountered: poor people.

Steering is accomplished by turning the front wheel via the handlebars and by leaning the bike to one side or the other.

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