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I just realized that that update for Quicktime has also caused probelms with anything involving Quicktime.

I did not know of the console log information until after the call, so I don't know if that would have helped in the troubleshooting.

My console log displays: Error locating symbol - dlcompat: Symbol "_JVTDeco Open" not found I would appreciate any ideas on this also. it doesn't display on the console, but doing a ktrace on the Full Tilt Poker client gave the same error Turbo Tax is giving: Error locating symbol - dlcompat: Symbol "_JVTDeco Open" not found Sure looks like the QT update is broken!

I've done a disk permissions repair, and that cleaned up a few things - but made no change for the problem at hand.

I've scanned the drive looking for anything related to the error and turned up nothing. I've been using Turbo Tax with no issues for several weeks on my Power Book running 10.3.9. OS X and Turbo Tax itself are both updated with all the latest patches.

Is anyone at Apple actually working on this problem or we all just talking to each other here.

Does Apple know that they created a big problem for us?

So the only changes (that I'm aware of) between a working Turbo Tax and a "broken" Turbo Tax were the Apple updates to i Tunes (7.1) and Quick Time (7.1.5).

I can't explain how these changes would break seemingly unrelated software, but I've seen stranger things.

My friend has bought a new computer and wants to transfer several years of turbo-tax from old computer with win 98 to new computer with win xp. He has installation cd for each year but unfortunately does not have key which is required to install each year\u0027s turbo-tax programs to new computer so he is unable to cut and paste files. you cannot save the Tax program, and why would you want to? you will find the saved files, If you saved them.can then send the file to the other computer using what ever means you have.(Floppy, USB Storage) you cannot open the tax program...

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