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Tatyana Leonova Scammer, Deceiver, and Trickster, I035 Tatyana, Internet Here is scammer, trickster, and a downright evil individual named Tatyana Leonova who had their profile on the site known as Get Married and below is the profile that was found on the site: I035 Tatyana Date of Birth: Height: 165 Weight: 53 Hair colour: chestnut Eye colour: green Single/divorced: single Children: no Education: high advanced Occupation: economist English level: beginner Beware of this corrupt individual named Tatyana Leonova and her con artist ways. (2013), doctor, Kharkov, ID1621*** at Kharkov Ukraine Being a member of for more than 10 years! ) I learned quite a lot about this scamming company. Somewhere else I read a guy claiming that those 1000s of small agencies in Ukraine working with are causing the scamming hiring ladies to chat, correspond etc. In the end it is still the headquarter of to blame!Scammers must never be allowed to succeed with all of their crookedness and deceit. Searching for a lady from Ukraine for a long time after my divorce in 2002 I have many bad stories and experiences with Anastasia to tell about.As you can read everywhere else (scamming at she always found an excuse NOT to meet me.

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We had heard that some girls were offered money in order to chat or correspond with guys. She was offered another girl's profile in order to chat and make money.

In return she had to give up her OWN profile for the agency and some employees to use her profile for just mailing (letters).

Being alone for a couple of years now I asked her to meet her in Kharkov.

She accepted but when I was trying to make a schedule about this she said she wanted to get to know me more through the chat. I replied that I don't trust this chat programme which is obscenely expensive.

I also told her I would like to contact her again in the autumn this year to make sure if she was married or something else.

So last week I was in a chat with her again not talking to her for almost 4 months. She continued claiming she is still searching for her future husband.

I went back to my profile and tested if she would reply me knowing that she was not busy. However this reaction is the fastest way to get out of further questions and reveal of scamming acting! He presented himself as a owner of an international network of bloggers that provided SEO backlink article marketing for large businesses internationally.

If what I wrote reads like morse code, please take the time to look it up.

I myself spent over the years more than 25,000 dollars until I learned what is really going on. Initially she was obviously much more mature and quite nice talking to and rather wise too.

In order to check out if only young girls (18-23) would try to attract men to go online chat by using provocative approaches (sexual) I started to talk to this gorgeous Tatyana, 47, Kharkov who was a doctor according to her profile ID 1621***. However as time went on I asked her to meet me in person.

For the past 3 nights I invited her for a chat but she never replied.

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