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TRL: Say that especially because you look great in person. TRL: You look great standing here next to me but i just caught a cover i want everyone to witness what I’m talkin’ about King magazine oh, lord have mercy good you look especially good trere.

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TRL: Mom you got to understand your baby girl pubizing things. 3 shakira “the one”.[Cheering]TRL: There goes shakira “the one” at no. The first day she managed to get more votes than avril congratulations to her. TRL: Kelly a bunch of people lovin’ you and wantin’ to ask you a lot of questions. TRL: My esteemed colleagues are with them getting questions. George: What’s up kelly i love you and you are beautiful.

I wanted to know you are nominated for a grammy right if you win how you gonna celebrate?

TRL: Another fan with another question live right now. TRL: I got robert here now robert you been waitin’ to your question what’s going on. TRL: Has for your questions, y’alllly you brought the world premiere of your new video. [Cheering]TRL: The wor premiere of kell Rowland’s “can’t nobody” what y’all think of that[Cheering]TRL: I know they’re into it. TRL: Kelly thank you for stoppin’ by we appreciate it.

Robert: My name is robert from astoria queens new york, i know next tuesday is your birthday and i wanted to knowyour plans f yourirday Kelly: I’m going to be working my birthday no ahh, it’s all right. I’ve been workin’ on my birthday I don’t know how long but we’ve all done that the great thing you is know it is another year god has blessed me with another year and, uhm, that’s it. I have me a little cake do a little’ afterward fi want to but i think I’ll be chillin. Kelly: Big boom shot the video, thank you, that i can you, thank you, thank you beenny, i love you thank you. A fabulous job i can’t wait ’til everybody sees it I’m really excited a lot of the video here is my new video “can’t nobody” world premiere!

Kelly: So, maybe something might come up for valentine’s day we are hopin’ but if you are single then i would love to be your date[Cheering]TRL: Man! TRL: Damien is over here in the crowd with another fan, another question.

Oh, my god when my mother sees that she’s gonna be like baby, put some clothes on! It is really great but i have destiny’s child to thank, of course first ’cause if it wasn’t for destiny’s child, i wouldn’t be here. Kelly: Uhm, to answer your question, uhm I’m single right now, so, uhm —George: I’m available. It has us in a casualty, which is the name of the original.It puts us in a nelly and kelly dating 2012, which is the name of the globe. TRL: I know you’ve been actin’ and singin’ and all that b are you gettin’ a from it all? I’m lovin’ workin’ right now I’m extremely busy but i love it, i love it. The album spawned four successful number one singles; "Promiscuous", "Maneater", "Say It Right" and "All Good Things (Come to an End)".

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