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You seem to have clearly known that you needed to be wearing glasses for quite a while.Was it just that you didn't want to be seen wearing glasses or something else?That is totally normal, as many times the optometrist will slightly under correct you, to aid is getting used to a first time correction, or sometimes it is just that your eyes get a bit worse.

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For example, without your glasses, you can't see that a fence is a fence - it might have been all over the years a greyish surface, but not a fence.

So I understood from your writing, that you are quite happy with your glasses.

for much lower prescriptions with less than 1.0 diopter of myopia, but less with astigmatism- Astigmatism is a lens deformation, and the eye tries to cope with that deformation using certain muscles, and it can not compensate for it.

When the lens is correcting this deformation, the eye (these muscles) can relax.

When Jennifer wants to avoid headaches, and fulfill certain vision requirements (e.g driving) there is no solution without vision correction for her!

Maxim , Hello Jennifer, my best wishes and gratulations.

Of course she did not avoid wearing glasses intentionally, as she did not know, which world of clear vision would be open to her, when a myopia of 1.50 with an astigmatism of 2.50 would undergo correction!

So, every day is a new day, and Jennifer can start her day, with a precision of seeing things unknown before, and she can discover a new world of vision every morning.

You can not only see better, but a cause of headaches is gone as well.

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