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’ Obviously, during my life, I have had many good experiences of customer services and some pretty dire ones.

The reason for writing this blog is that recently, I dealt with three organisations that should have excelled at customer service but in reality, they failed in their promise to provide even the basic levels of customer service.

It’s also important to recognize an employee — publicly — for a job well done.

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I recall many years ago how I used to setup video conferencing across ISDN lines and the fun of trying to make the video run smoothly.

These days, video conferencing has become ubiquitous along with the availability of faster communication links, i.e. With better connectivity, the downward spiral of costs associated with video conferencing (VC) and increased competition, even smaller businesses can afford much better VC systems. The technology is certainly there now and so is the connectivity.

Change established mindsets will however take time, as many people still think it pertinent to travel to meet!

I have done a series of articles on management styles of business leaders and would like one of my readers to recommend who I should select for the next article. It is an attitude.” Ralph Marston (1907 – ) Professional Football Player in 1929 “If you want to give a great customer experience you have to align your culture and the way you reward staff.

Catherine Lovering in her article on customer service said, “Teach the staff stress-reduction methods and techniques in conflict resolution.

Train staff to use language that promotes good customer service.

I have debated whether to play the ‘name and shame’ game but that just wouldn’t be me.

So, instead, I have decided to write about how to provide excellent customer service.

Customer-service work can be emotionally draining unless the company involved is supportive and gains the loyalty of its employees.” says, “Companies renowned for their customer service — the online shoe retailer Zappos, for example — treat employees as they would have their employees treat their customers.

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