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I recall many years ago how I used to setup video conferencing across ISDN lines and the fun of trying to make the video run smoothly.These days, video conferencing has become ubiquitous along with the availability of faster communication links, i.e. With better connectivity, the downward spiral of costs associated with video conferencing (VC) and increased competition, even smaller businesses can afford much better VC systems. The technology is certainly there now and so is the connectivity.

According to, Americans Will Spend 9% More with Companies That Provide Excellent Service Although only a little more than a third of Americans (37%) believe that companies have increased their focus on providing quality service: According to Catherine Lovering, “Make the goal of providing excellent customer service a company-wide commitment.

Put a customer-service policy in writing, and post it in a prominent place.

Phrases such as “How can I help,” “I don’t know, but I will find out,” and “I will keep you updated” let customers know that their needs will be met.

It also will demonstrate a willingness to find a solution to any problem and a commitment to communicate with the customer.

Catherine Lovering in her article on customer service said, “Teach the staff stress-reduction methods and techniques in conflict resolution.

Train staff to use language that promotes good customer service.

method, “It’s helpful to think of resolving a dispute as a five-step process called the Five A’s: Acknowledge the problem. Assure the customer that you will follow through.” Training is paramount and well trained staff needs to help customers resolve their problems regardless of how much time they have spent resolving it (within reason).

Many organisations tend to operate their measuring metrics for customer services advisors’ on calls closed rather than calls resolved.

Well trained staff will have the ability to resolve calls and close them better than ill trained staff.

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