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An investigation by the Victoria Police Ethical Standards Department may be regulation given my actions but it is certainly no fun, not for me or any officer who has to go through it, not for the investigating officers trying to determine whether my actions were justified and not for the department itself trying to save public face in demonstrating that it will act when the situation calls for it, which was certainly the case here.Now that some time has passed, she said, the meeting having gone for half an hour now, I would like to ask you about the incident that took place on the seventh of July this year.

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The psychologist probably found it unusual to be questioning me instead of the other way around, but it was a requirement in regards to a police shooting, for the police as well as myself to see how I was handling it, plus she was personally picked for the task, something I was most grateful for.

Having been involved in the initial case as a social worker and having knowledge of the events leading up to the reason I was here now were I to have a say in the investigation I would have possibly chosen her as well.

Primarily it concerns the life, rise and fall of a King Arthur inspired figure.

Despite its fantastical and supernatural elements, the plot (and the various sub-plots) are to do with relationships and were just as much inspired by my own love and home life as they were fairy-tales.

Call Out Rubi Parker looked across at me seated across from her, from the look on her face she seemed to notice that I was fidgeting.

That she could well be understood, given the circumstances.Because of the high profile of the case I wanted to be seen as being able to do my job.It was a reasonable response I thought, to the investigating officers credit he didnt come after me on this as a possible reason for my actions like I might have expected.edited 14th Jan '15 AM by dvorak A shitload of random world building notes on a futuristic tech advanced, semi-utopian world populated by furries who have an in-universe reason to be extremely sexualized.I haven't put any thought into it in a while though, probably because I was feeling overwhelmed.Thankfully no one was able to identify who was involved, that was why Rubi was here now conducting an evaluation of the incident to pass on to ESD.

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