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Well of course the main work I'm working on is Uphold the Right, the motto of the Victoria Police and centers on a aboriginal police woman in Geelong as she struggles with the job and all the problems it brings.

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Thankfully no one was able to identify who was involved, that was why Rubi was here now conducting an evaluation of the incident to pass on to ESD.

At the risk of looking like I dont know much about the police, wouldnt that be something more for a detective?

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I haven't put any thought into it in a while though, probably because I was feeling overwhelmed.

It's supposed to chronicle the ship's encounters with the enemy through both world wars.

The big one at the moment is a Fairytale that combines various fairy-tales, world mythologies and folk tales.

Had things gone normally it would be likely Detective Locke or even the Special Operations Group would have been involved in the arrest. And there was the fact there were several issues to deal with.

But that is getting ahead of what led up toto the incident. That I felt it was important to be a part of the investigation? Rubi seemed to understand that it might have been a concern and tried to explain that it wasnt a negative reaction.

From what I knew of her she would have liked to say that she didnt think it would, but she couldnt say how ESD would react, and tried another way to approach the interview.

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