ben barnes who is he dating - Nikki sixx dating kelly gray

Sixx was named Frank Feranna by and after his father, who would abandon the family after a few years.

Nikki learned later he also had a sister, Lisa, whom he was told he couldn’t see because she was placed in a home for the mentally ill.

I remember seeing him in concert and commenting on how long his legs were.

(just like the White Trash Convenient Store, he says) in San Jose, California.

He used the money he earned to buy a fake Gibson Les Paul guitar in a gun shop for $109 before catching yet another Greyhound , this time to L. Tommy then introduced them to a blond-haired surfer dude with a gnarly, high-pitched yowl named Vince Neil and Mars christened the resultant outfit Mötley Crüe.

Mötley Crüe played their first show together January 17, 1981.

Looking back on that troubled upbringing has led to his compassion for other abandoned youngsters and his recent establishment of the “Running Wild in the Night” fund-raising initiative for Covenant House.

“Having experienced life as a runaway myself, I wanted to do something to help kids put in this position through no fault of their own,” said Nikki, who admitted that music was perhaps the single most important factor in saving him from an inevitable tragic death on the streets.

While in high school, Nikki was taunted for his eclectic clothing style, a mix of glam and punk rock, which he reacted to with violent retaliation.

His troubled upbringing came to a head, with Nikki eventually running away from home and getting kicked out of school.

Feelgood (1989) Red, White and Crüe (2005) and Saints of Los Angeles (2008).

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