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Push-in the wind lever, and the batteries are completely disconnected. Unique to the F2 is that the shutter speed is continuously variable between 1/90 and 1/2,000. Nikon F2S Depth-of-field Preview, Mirror Lockup and Self-TImer.

Also unique to the F2 is a continuously variable self timer settable from 2 to 10 seconds. Every F2 also has both Bulb and Time exposure modes.

top The F2 was announced on 21 September 1971, and was quietly discontinued in 1980 with the introduction of the Nikon F3.

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To make another long exposure, wind the film and turn the self-timer lever to your desired time and shoot again.

If this is your last long exposure, be sure to return the shutter-collar back to the middle.

The F2 is so well made that every one I've seen still works perfectly, and has never required any service to stay that way.

This is far better than LEICA, every one of which I've seen from this era has required service. Nikon uses lubricants which seem to last forever, while LEICAs need to be cleaned out every 20 years because they get gummy or dried-out. All F2s have mirror lock-up and depth-of-field preview levers.

top The Nikon F and Nikon F2 are very similar to the professional Nikon SP rangefinder camera of 1957-1962, which for some reason copied the screw-over cable release of LEICA's screw-mount cameras introduced in 1923, instead of copying the now-standard screw-in cable release used since the LEICA M3 of 1954.

What this means is that you need an adapter nipple to use a standard cable release with the Nikon F2!

top Just like all professional Nikons before and after, the Nikon F2 has interchangeable meter prisms ("heads") and interchangeable focus screens.

Nikon's digital SLRs lack this professional ability; their heads are fixed. It contains the pentaprism, eyepiece and usually the meter.

It's just a coincidence which spawned folklore of the time that the first two digits are the year.

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