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The F2 improved on the Nikon F, and LEICA's rangefinders were still just the same primitive rangefinders, thus the SLR versus rangefinder question for professional newsgathering was answered once and for all.

These Nikons are faster handing, more reliable, offer more accurate TTL metering and far more accurate focus and framing than anything once-great LEICA was offering then, and even today!

top Just like all professional Nikons before and after, the Nikon F2 has interchangeable meter prisms ("heads") and interchangeable focus screens.

Nikon's digital SLRs lack this professional ability; their heads are fixed. It contains the pentaprism, eyepiece and usually the meter.

You use them by setting the shutter dial to B, rotate the shutter-button collar to "T" (Time), and turn the self-timer lever to the desired exposure time in seconds.

Press the shutter button, and it opens immediately and makes the desired long exposure.

Push-in the wind lever, and the batteries are completely disconnected. Unique to the F2 is that the shutter speed is continuously variable between 1/90 and 1/2,000. Nikon F2S Depth-of-field Preview, Mirror Lockup and Self-TImer.

Also unique to the F2 is a continuously variable self timer settable from 2 to 10 seconds. Every F2 also has both Bulb and Time exposure modes.

Its development in part was fueled by cameras developed for NASA for Apollo and Sky Lab missions.

The Nikon F2 is an extraordinarily well made all-mechanical SLR.

The F2 system includes all sorts of interchangeable finders, focus screens, 250-exposure backs and motor drives.

The original Nikon F of 1959 put LEICA in the coffin, and the F2 was the camera the almighty himself used to hammer in the nails.

The meter is switched on as you pull the wind lever away from the body. Everything else works perfectly without any batteries.

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