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Judging the Vendor By clicking on the vendor’s name in any listing or any search result, you are brought to their profile page, as exemplified above.Each vendor has his or her GPG public-key and XMPP listed, here.With the news that Agora will be gone (Already gone now…) a large portion of its users have transitioned to Alpha Bay.

A VPN must be used along with Tor (Tor is the free browser explained below) to make your online activity anonymous.

When using a VPN Service it will hide your identity and location while also encrypting all of you internet traffic from everyone including your internet service provider.

Go to the drop-down menu and choose to enable two-factor authentication, using your keypair to decrypt an encrypted message from the marketplace.

Part 6 – Choosing what to buy Now that our account is finally setup, shopping can finally begin.

XKCD has a great comic on creating secure, easy to remember passwords.

Setting a custom Login-Phrase is purely optional, but it is a good practice to ensure you are not being phished at any given time.

Adding funds to your wallet At the very top of the website, you can see what your balance is, in your wallet, and the current BTC to USD conversion rate is diagonally below it.

In order to buy anything, you must add funds to your market wallet.

Buying from within your own country Depending on how much risk you are willing to take, as well as the speed by which you are okay with it arriving, you can choose specific listings based upon their “Ship-From,” and “Ship-To” locations.

Unfortunately, the search results themselves do not display these particularly significant details, and one must visit the listing page itself, to view from and to where it is shipped.

Once you have filled out all of the proper information, captcha included, and then clicked “Join the market,” keep your password and PIN in a safe place. [Image goes here: Part 5 – Setting up your account Now that your account has been created, you will want to set it up completely. Once we get to this page, all we really need to do is setup two-factor authentication with your GPG key.

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