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One of the most popular You Tube video downloader is i Skysoft Free Video Downloader for Windows.This You Tube downloader is free and safe to download all the videos from the website.You can check whether you have installed the latest version of the Flash Player by checking in the "Find Version" document.

no video after updating pc-26

But this happened again when I woke my computer up from Sleep Mode after updating my computer.

A restart was able to fix this, though I don't know if this will happen again.

If you are facing problems with viewing You Tube videos online in Windows 10, the best thing you can do is to watch it offline. But You Tube does not allow the videos to be downloaded from the website directly.

So, you’d need a You Tube video downloader for Windows 10 to do that.

You will also be able to watch the videos without any ads even when you have no Internet connection on your device.

There are loads of interesting features in this downloader: Method 1: Use the Built-in Browser 1.

In case there is no rich medic content on the website that you opened, this option of Shockwave Flash Object does not appear on the list.

Once the Flash player has been enabled, you need to disable Active X filtering.

Also, there is an issue with HP My Display now - I can not turn the app on now.

Every attempt - including when I restarted - results in Windows saying there was an error and that it would close the program and notify me when a solution was available.

To do that you need to open the page in the Internet Explorer that has a rich media content. You can find it at the upper-right corner of the Internet Explorer.

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