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To celebrate the new emperor, the townspeople hold a parade in his honor.

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Often Dietfurt's emperors take their Chinese name from their jobs -- for instance, Emperor Ma-ler-Gie, who reigned from the 1950s through to 1970, was a painter in real life (in German "Maler" means painter).

According to the Dietfurt Chinese Carnival Web site, the current emperor has been in power since 2000 when he was discovered in a golden egg on the specially constructed imperial tower in Dietfurt.

read more The World Bodypainting Festival is held each year in Seeboden, Austria and is the largest bodypainting event in the world with artist travelling from over 40 nations worldwide to compete.

The event, which started in 1998, has spread awareness of body art around the world, it has encouraged innovation and provided a platform for talented artists to further their abilities and careers.

And when the half-time whistle blew they moved in and gave all 36 the red card after it was revealed they were part of an elaborate piece of 'ambush marketing' by the Dutch beer company Bavaria who are not official sponsors at the tournament.

Sea of orange: The Dutch 'football fans' pose for photographs clutching flags before the Holland vs.

A lot of strange things go on in Germany during the week of Carnival, as the days leading up to the religious festival of Lent on Ash Wednesday are commonly known.

Germans eat, drink and make merry at extravagant costume parties dressed as anything from witches to clowns to the devil.

Parading for the Chinese Emperor of Bavaria Dietfurt has had several emperors since the tradition began.

This year, around 10,000 Germans took to the streets to celebrate the current ruler, Emperor Ko-Houang-Di, who has been resuming the position for 10 years now.

The World Bodypainting Festival takes place in Seeboden, Austria each year.

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