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It is not about offending anyone, especially those who insist on wearing their swimsuits while enjoying their time at the seashore, but rather about the personal sensation of getting in touch with the forces of the nature without any barriers between you and them.

Greece is among the top destinations for nudists from around the world following France and Croatia.

more information on Ferries from Athens to Karpathos While in general the island of Skiathos is not exactly nude-friendly, the beaches (three) which form Banana, surely welcome nudity and put the island on the map.

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“Nameless Banana”, the smaller beach, continues to be nudity-friendly, while “Little Banana” is also a place to bathe nude.

Nude swimming, otherwise known as “skinny dipping” or “naturism,” is a controversial practice and way of life that does not appeal to everyone’s taste.

Our European neighbours across the pond may seem better at baring all than us Brits (I’m placing my bets on the climate difference…), but there’s nothing stopping you from trying your first naturist break. My first tentative taste of naturism was an offensively breezy experience in Oslo.

After hopping aboard the local ferry and alighting at Bygdøy Peninsula, I stripped down next to the freezing waters of Huk Nude Beach.

If you’re a naturist, you’ll know the answer; but if you’re not, it can seem like a daunting prospect.

Needless to say, going nude on holiday isn’t everyone’s cup of tea; but the fact is, it’s becoming more popular by the year.

And now let’s take a look at the top 5 nude beaches in Greece: Both are very popular and very crowded.

They are filled with nudists but with gawkers, as well.

It was cold, windy and really rather odd; but for all that, it’s an experience I’ll not soon forget.

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