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He didn’t tell them because she’s a cop, but they needn’t worry anymore, because they broke up. When the guard slips out for coffee or whatever, she enters, points the gun at a bedridden, healing Warren, and tells him he’s going to tell the cops he threw the first punch.

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The Lyons have gathered at Jamal’s (though Jamal himself isn’t too happy about this) to try to figure out what to do about the Du Bois situation.

First issue: Jamal’s going to be arrested on charges of assault, battery, disturbing the peace, destructing property, fleeing the scene of the crime…unless they can get Warren to testify to throwing the first punch. Turns out, though, this gathering isn’t really about Jamal: The family is actually trying to figure out what Diana Du Bois’ game with Andre could be, now that her plans for Hakeem and Jamal have both reached fruition.

This is getting confusing — and it’s too much for both of them.

She breaks up with him and then leaves, and he smashes a glass while yelling to get her back.

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Hakeem says he isn’t going to let somebody else (a.k.a.

Anika’s new boyfriend Angelo) raise his child, and it seems like he might be planning something fatal in the back of his mind.

) Over at Empire, Tiana is recording a new track with Shine, and Hakeem comes in just to ruin everything.

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