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And to save a couple of hundred euro, it’s not that much trouble really, is it?There are a range of steps that you may consider if you’re not having much luck beating your renewal.This is where you’ll need to do some extra calling around to companies that will insure unusual cars, and not-so-perfect drivers. well, unless you’re a 18 year old male with a modified Skyline!

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This is our tried and tested method for beating your renewal quote: Treat your renewal letter as a guide.

It is the highest price you will pay for car insurance this year - you can do better!

Your premium is much more flexible than you may think and to keep you as a customer, your insurer will probably reduce your premium. Ask if this is their best and final rate - you still might squeeze another few euro out of them.

This should give you your best renewal rate from your existing insurer.

Some major insurance companies don’t want to insure cars like these and may offer ridiculous quotes to send you on your way.

Some insurance companies won’t insure a car that’s more than 15 years old (even with a valid NCT), and others have lists of cars and driver types that they don’t want on their books.

This will tell them that you are serious about paying them as little as possible.

You can also tell your insurer the price of your best quote.

By using this approach, you should certainly save money.

All it takes is a few phone calls which you won't have to make again for another year.

”Despite rising costs, car insurance is still a competitive business with dozens of insurance companies competing for your business.

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