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Coming from a man who's had so much experience helping women in real life, who has so many success stories in his track record and has a distinctly masculine point of view is just so incredibly valuable.

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That’s not your problem, so I hope you’re grateful that you’re way ahead of many women! I know the type well, because I tend to attract the same type of guy. They let you know how attractive and sexy they think you are.

They start communicating frequently via phone, text, email, video chat. What do you do when a guy comes on strong like that?

We women have been sold the lie for so long that we have no power in relationships - and Evan turns that lie around and gives you your power back.

He not only gives you your power back, he shows you exactly how to use it - and what's even MORE important, how NOT to use it.

I love his "tough love" - because sometimes it's hard to see how much power we actually have, and because so many "gurus" are afraid to say the truth about men and relationships.

If you've been frustrated and confused about why your relationships aren't working the way you want them to - this book will change your love life.

Ask yourself, “Do I really want to pursue this relationship? He is not emotionally available for a relationship. Before you know it, you’ll be in a relationship with a fabulous guy.

” It might be time to let him go and seek out a relationship with someone with whom you can forge a healthy two-way bond, one where you’re both attracted to each other for all the right reasons, not just to feed the ego. Without knowing your exact situation, I can only speculate based on my knowledge of men. He’s the guy who loves to hunt, to chase after his women. On the other hand, some guys like the chase, but they are also interested in a relationship. He tells her, “I think you’re pretty and sexy.” They talk on the phone.

By mastering this medium and understanding male behavior, you can finally be in control of your own love life, and not a victim of disappearing men. If you’ve ever been really hot for a new online dating prospect, you’re not alone. You plan your first date for Saturday night, and you have butterflies beforehand. I wrote her profile, got her professional photos, and started our weekly coaching sessions.

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