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The fact is--you're probably right; more companies are relying on technology to weed out less-qualified candidates What do you have to lose? Your Resume Is Too Templated An experienced recruiter says that unaltered, familiar resume templates from word-processing programs are annoying.

Cold calls, following up on job-opening rumors for jobs that never materialize, brainstorming new ways to restructure your resume, even your social networks have failed you. Although it will not automatically trash bait, it implies that you're not all too concerned that hundreds of others submitted resumes using identical templates.

Also, research results from the University of Rochester found that the percentage of couples who meet online is up to about 1 in 4 and still on the rise.

Online dating is second only to meeting through friends as the most common way to meet. Before you start laughing, consider this: recruiters and hiring managers are absolutely deluged by the tonnage of incoming resumes as a result of the soft job market and new tools that let applicants apply for a job with as little as a send.

got nearly a million applications last year for 2,000 new positions plus vacant jobs.

Both companies use the systems (e.g., the disposal system or delete button)es article outlines the trend in these types of internal referrals.

It's best to be truthful on your resume, and then use your cover letter to chronicle your career's progress, including information about how you maximized your time away from the 9-to-5 routine.

Always write a cover letter; not doing so is another guaranteed way to get your resume thrown into the round-file. attracted 7.6 million job applicants over the past 12 months for about 65,000 corporate and retail job openings; Procter & Gamble Inc.

Some companies are now using this method of hiring a larger percentage of their non-entry-level positions using internal referrals.

Because of the recession, many of the business networks that once existed to help those unemployed have been severed.

I spent a number of years in my early 20’s road tripping and meditating.

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