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Reply I have been stewing on this for about 4 months and decided I had to write in.We have 2 trucks and a travel trailer that all have Les Schwab tires on them. Maca Maybe the legal department could send me their email.

Reply Less Schwab just opened a store in Rialto so I thought I would give them a shot.

Maybe the family would like to hear the truth about their company.

( I drive this small truck from work and back 5 days a week there was no wreck or ramming) So I was quoted 968 dollars to fix the allignment and bearings, I am not a happy camper, I have no saving and am a college student!

The account I could use is maxed out, so I guess I just don’t have a rig to drive! My uncle works for this company and I still wouldn’t recommend them!

He stood there saying how hard they worked and that they were behind.

All I got were excuses from this fat boy and no help!

Then I had my tires rotated 3 weeks ago and they still found nothing that could possibly be making the noise.

If all I needed was tires maybe that would be okay, but when I was promised more services Les Schwab was unable to help. I was able to find another service provider in Rialto. I had new tires put on and told them about the same noise ,they looked again and found nothing.

First I would like to say I’ve made several attempts to speak to the legal department. They made us wait in the cold untill about 4 minutes before the store offically opened and let us in.

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