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And, immediately above that - once Suzi Says Feng Shui had dried - I did the same thing with China Glaze Flyin High, a beautiful light blue creme - light, deft strokes - also in the middle of the nails.

I then topped it off with Rimmel Ultra Shine Pro Top Coat. Yoga-ta Get This Blue (swatched here) which kept getting sold out over a period of two years.

Been trying out blue polishes recently, and I stumbled upon this to feed my blue fetish.

Dating a Royal is a pretty, somewhat muted royal blue cream.

The formula is nice, as most OPI creams are, and the brush is good too.

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Royal blue should be a brighter and deeper blue than this. The formula is goopy and hard to dry even with my trusted Sally Hansen insta-dri topcoat... I'm an OPI fan through and through, but this colour has disappointed me.

I did dutifully waited for 5 minutes between each coat, and it just didn't dry properly! My initial reaction when I wore it was "I feel like a smurf".

As the first coat dries, it does even out and self-level a bit, and the colour gets a bit darker.

The second coat will finish it up, even it out, and give opacity or near enough to it.

Also typical of a jelly, it's got a gorgeous, almost vinyl-shiny finish.

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