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An ape-like lower jaw fossil from Greece and a tooth from Bulgaria now pose a big threat to evolution’s story of mankind’s supposed split from chimpanzees out of Africa 5-7 million years ago.A new report describing the ground around the jaw and tooth asserts that mankind emerged out of the Mediterranean, not out of Africa, hundreds of thousands of years before the textbook out-of-Africa age range.

Another reason to distrust the chart requires a bit of background explanation.

The ages on the chart tie back to Ar-Ar (argon-argon) radioisotope dates.

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Every 32.8 feet (10 m) of change in global sea level causes a 0.1 percent change in 518O.

Scientists can also date the reversals of Earth's magnetic field in ocean sediment cores to add additional absolute dates to a profile.

Has anyone bothered to see if that new age assignment debunked the method? The team asks whether humans evolved from Africa or the Mediterranean, but jaw and tooth anatomy suggests they should instead ask if humans ever evolved at all.

They ask if this supposed evolution happened six and half or nearer seven million years ago, but the circular reasoning that underlies evolutionary ages suggests they should ask if the millions of years ever really occurred.

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