Our coworkers think we are dating

And so, I worked to climb the ladder in my career–never mind that I didn’t enjoy what I was doing–I went to grad school so that I’d have an advanced degree–never mind that it was a boring slog for me–I dressed, acted, and looked a certain way.

The old me would’ve been too concerned with what other people Yeah, yeah, yeah that’s all true to some extent (especially the one about greyhounds… And, as it turns out, society doesn’t care what I do with my life.

In the end, the only person who truly cares how you lived your life is you.

Maybe you’re supposed to change diapers while on stage delivering a keynote address at a conference that you jogged 20 miles to? I’ll let you know if I ever find myself in that situation.

I hate how our culture looks down on stay-at-home parents, criticizes those without decent jobs, maligns childless couples and single folks, and judges women endlessly and cruelly about their appearances.

I thought I was always behind and never good enough because I labored under an overarching, deeply held conviction that I should always be doing something bigger, better, grander.

I was suffering from lifestyle inflation in the truest sense–I thought my very life was insufficient.But I was somewhat miserable and consumed with self-doubt.Rounding the corner of 30 last year was essentially my watershed moment.But, you couldn’t pay me to relive that decade (ok well, you pay me…).I was stressed, anxious, preoccupied with doing “the right thing,” and out of touch with who I really am and what actually makes me happy.We’re told we can have it all, which really means we need to We should advance in our careers, look gorgeous and thin, marry well (but not be dependent on our partner), have children (while still looking just as gorgeous and just as thin), be an involved, nurturing parent while continuing to advance in our careers and, oh yeah, look gorgeous and thin.

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