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Don’t let this kind of distorted thinking get in the way of meeting someone really great.

Some of the kindest, strongest and most committed men I know are short.

I ask because I've always been of average height--and even though I've been discriminated as an Asian in America--I've never been discriminated because of my height.

Northern China, Korea and Japan have lots of tall women 5'8'' and above so dating gets more difficult the farther north you go if your average height for an American man.

In the Philippines, 5'4" is the average height for men and 5' is the average for women.

Well, I'm a 5'11 Korean American--and I have feel I'm somewhat tall in Asia; although, Asian men are getting taller in some parts of Asia (due to better nutrition).

Actually, my height has helped me somewhat in life, even though other factors have been a negative. I've been able to make up for it with my looks and personality, but I've still found it to be difficult to overcome. In the Philippines, 5'4" is the average height for men and 5' is the average for women.

She is one of my clients who has never dated a short man, and she has no intention to ever date one.

She insists, “I’m just not attracted to them.” Alexis is a smart woman, and she is also a nice person, even though her attitudes about short men are actually pretty patronizing and dismissive.

I want to know the following information: Is he reliable? If not, is he working his fingers to the bone looking for one? By the way, who’s going to care how tall anyone is as you celebrate your 25th anniversary together?

I also want to know if he’s a good listener and if he talks well about his friends or family because he should already have some good, close interpersonal relationships.

Despite this, I've done okay with women in the US, but I've obviously experienced some discrimination because of it.

I was just wondering how important height is in Asian countries.

Check out this equation: Dating Short Men = Uphill Battle. I haven’t conducted a study of my own on the subject, but I can assure you that scores of women of every type will say they simply aren’t attracted to short men.

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