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You can click on their username and in the popup menu click "PM".

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Para Chat also you (a small amount) if you want simple features like multiple administrators, permission levels and a user count.

Para chat is about as basic a chat as you can get but you can add it to your website with a simple copy and paste.

Upon load the visitor is given the choice of loading the chat with Java, Flash or HTML.

It's nice to have the options but Para Chat's HTML version pales in comparison to even their modest Flash chat.Boldblue test Looking For: Maybe you're familiar with some other similar chat sites to this one: New South Wales Australia.This site only provides adult chat services and picture sharing by way of pasting in a URL to a photo that is already Hahahaha An On Im OO: hi An On Im OO: wana chat 14_Year_old_hot_girl: hi 14_Year_old_hot_girl: asl? An On Im OO: 16 m portugal An On Im OO: whats ur name 14_Year_old_hot_girl: sarah 14_Year_old_hot_girl: im 14 and hawt An On Im OO: really?? Lure the people chatting with you into cybering, and give them a story they will never forget! An On Im OO: wana cum with u 14_Year_old_hot_girl: pk. Unless you do it just to make stuff like this, then it's fucking hilarious. You fail so hard caliente34: pleas Hornygrl81: Hurry up!

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