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Native Americans in Virginia never developed writing, so the story of Virginia's people prior to European contact in the 1500's is based on interpretations of the archeological record.

Most items made from organic material (baskets, clothing, houses) has decayed, but the stone tools remain largely unchanged in the soil until discovery by farmers after rainstorms in plowed fields, bulldozer operators clearing a site for a new road/house, looters seeking artifacts, or archeologists seeking information.

Native Americans sought out the best material for their tools, but preferences changed over time as specialized tools were developed for different circumstances.

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Regional bag and possession limits apply to all waters within each region except as modified in the Special Rules.

Modern glass Coca-Cola bottles have a similar structure, and in the 1600's Native Americans manufactured points from glass obtained from colonists.

The trading patterns in prehistoric America were extensive.

Axes, weights for fishing nets, and atl-atl throwing stones were manufactured by grinding as well as chipping. The rock tools of Native Americans have a high percentage of quartz (silicon dioxide, Si O).

When quartz crystallizes in various cryptocrystalline forms such as jasper, chert, flint, quartzite, or even silica-rich metarhyolite, the rock fractures to form sharp edges.

Native Americans used a variety of techniques for converting various types of quartz-rich rocks into specialized tools.

Sharp edges were crafted by different techniques to chip the edges on one or two sides of a cobble or rock, to create axes, knives, choppers, spear points, drills, hammer stones, etc.

Modern Virginians who depend upon silicon-based computer chips to perform specialized jobs might not be able to recognize quartz veins in sandstone, or distinguish jasper from basalt.

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