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From what I read up on the subject of shrinking many claim that using preparation H on your cocklette will constrict the blood flow and cause it to shrink.

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One of them happens to be focused on keeping your penis soft 24/7, titled "Training Loop 1: Limp Clitty Training".

The voices and sounds are digitally created, yet they sound very realistic. There are many free files and membership isfree - simply sign up.

Plenty of other ideas to consider - posters above have you covered very well. I'm not seeing much results yet, but I feel this is a slow process. Can any of the other girls here comment on their techniques and progress?

:)Xoxo I've been using compression panties, and I've seen quite a bit of success.

You might have to start wearing diapers or my favorite, maxi-pads, on a regular basis because you will drip faecal & unabsorbed lube but I don't mind, it makes me feel girly.6.

Lost of bladder control, I noticed that I'm wetting myself a little bit more but I also love pipi games so I find it fun ^_^ If you're into hypnosis, there's a Blogger account that specializes in sissy training hypnosis files.

Does anyone know of any good methods to keep a sissy's penis perpetually soft, or possibly even reduce its size over time? So it would help so much if you could check them out, and say your from Sissy Kiss.

In the long run, I want to invest in a proper chastity device to prevent unsightly erections, but for the moment I'm looking for a way to keep my penis petit and soft for most of the day. Some even give discounts, or free gifts by mentioning it!

I do believe there has been a reduction is size both erect and flacid because my "thing" is always being held to a shorter length and notfree to hang loosely.

Regards, to all, Betty I have some progress to report!

I recommend getting a large of collection of vibrators & dildos to add variation to your daily anal masturbation sessions.3. I started to get very prostate sensitive when I graduated to very big dildos but yes, this "destroys" your ass.4.

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