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Poland favored the German 1898 Mauser design and its 7.92x57mm cartridge.

While there were plenty enough Gew.98 rifles to choose from in the post war years, the need to rearm must have been great because at least two factories were tapped to convert stockpiles of Russian Mosin Nagant M1891 rifles to the 7.92x57mm cartridge at great effort and presumably expense.

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While there are very few hard facts available about these rifles due to their rarity, we’re going to do our best to record what we’ve found below.

Modern Poland was born out of the Treaty of Versailles in 1918 following WWI.

The period between 19 saw three Silesian Uprisings, the Polish-Ukrainian War, the Polish-Lithuanian War, and the Greater Poland Uprising involving Germany.

Most importantly though, the Polish-Soviet war ran from 1919 until 1921 and exhausted both combatants.

Reuse of the original bolt would have saved some machine time and expense and with this last bit of recycling, only the barrels, barrel bands, and bayonet lugs would have been new production.

More than likely, the latter two were sourced from WWI spares whenever possible as well.

It utilizes the original, unchanged Mosin Nagant extractor.

The bolt face is set back from the Russian example by about the width of the channel that rings the Russian bolt face, implying they were ground down to the channel.

Mosin Nagant rifles were plentiful in the new Polish territories and many more were available in neighboring countries for sale or capture during the various boundary wars.

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