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In doing so, the public started to conceive truth not from what they saw, but from what journalism fed them.

Lippman argued that though journalists were efficiently disseminating information, the issues that they featured failed to give a comprehensive view on the real state of society.

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Just keep applying ink until you reach your desired color. I added more ink to darken up some areas just to make it look more interesting.

Conclusion: The paper from this first one turned out very pretty, but it does not resemble the 'Smoosh' technique. A brayer, the Swirls Cuttlebug embossing folder, and a Fruitcake Kaleidacolor ink pad.

Since I don't subscribe to the newsletter and have only seen samples made using this technique, I decided to do a little bit of an experiment to see what I could come up with on my own.

All of my experimenting was done on plain white cardstock.

Experiment #3: I used the same supplies for this one as I did in #2.

The Swirls Cuttlebug embossing folder, a brayer, and a Fruitcake Kaleidacolor ink pad.There has been so much talk just lately about that elusive "Cuttlebug Smoosh" technique that was in a recent Technique Junkies newsletter.Provo Craft even addressed questions about it on their blog.Hence, society’s feedback is invalidated because it is not appropriately directed to the issues that need attention., Shaw and Mc Combs studied the media’s influence in determining the political issues that the community considered to be newsworthy.Through a series of carefully conducted experiments, they were able to deduce that there is a correlation between the rate that the media covers a story and the extent to how people respond to a particular issue.This control over the selection of content discussed in the media is known as gatekeeping.

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