Portia derossi is dating

The talk show queen had to know it was imminent as well.

Perhaps is betting that some day its tales will align with reality, given that most celebrity pairs tend to go their separate ways eventually.

But for now, Gossip Cop is assured the publication remains woefully out of touch.

So, we’re not exactly shocked that Portia has opted to switch teams again and began dating men – if Ellen didn’t want to go to fertility clinics with her or consider hiring a surrogate, then it looks like Portia is going to try to have a baby the old-fashioned way, with a man!

According to GLOBE Magazine’s insiders, Ellen is not taking the break-up well.

‘But Portia’s pal sure as heck doesn’t give off gay vibes,’ says the insider.

Neither did her first hubby Mel Metcalfe.” It’s no secret that Portia De Rossi desperately wanted to have a baby – and she was devastated last month when Ellen announced on national television that there was so way she was ever having children of her own.

This is not the first time that Ellen has lost a girlfriend to a man, her previous flame Anne Heche left her and got pregnant and married Coley Laffoon.

We all see Ellen and Portia’s break-up and divorce coming a mile away.

And by the way, it seems this latest split story was sparked solely because De Generes appeared ringless in public.

But it’s worth noting the host is also without her ring at home in the below Instagram photos posted by de Rossi herself just days ago.

Buzz is that Rossi’s mystery man is her co-star Matthew Del Negro.

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