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For a while after his death, Powell Jobs ignored the pressure to speak, concentrating, of course, on her kids. “You know, parenting them is one of her most important spiritual tasks,” says the writer and critic Leon Wieseltier, whom Powell Jobs has known since 2011 and with whom she is starting an as-yet-unnamed journal.

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We park in downtown Oakland, a city known for its radical politics (the Black Panthers were founded here), its tremendous ethnic diversity, and its educational dysfunction.

Almost half of the graduates from Oakland Unified School District are not eligible for state college upon graduation; proficiency in reading and writing among Oakland’s Latino and African-American high school students is only 17 and 14 percent, respectively.

She named it for the famous Transcendentalist, in large part because she has a thing for the Transcendentalists, Ralph Waldo Emerson in particular.

“So there’s Emerson’s idea of self-reliance,” she says as we turn onto University Drive, heading north.

And finally, starting last fall, she assembled a group of people to launch a national competition calling on teachers, students, communities, groups of any kind to re­imagine the American high school.

At least five ideas will be chosen by Powell Jobs’s team and million divided among them.

Just then two more students grab her, and she hits me with a warm smile: “I mean, this is why I get up in the morning.”) Powell Jobs.

Of course, as Steve Jobs’s wife, she could sometimes be seen at his side, and at the Apple memorial service in 2011, CEO Tim Cook mentioned her before anyone else: “Laurene not only brought Steve great strength but also us as well, particularly over the last couple of weeks.” She is not by nature a public person, a trait she shared with her husband, who was a rock star when presenting Apple products but took a vow of silence when it came to the machinations of his company and his own life.

It was on that site that she and a team of tutors and counselors helped about two dozen local teenagers not just get into college but find a way to pay for it, and work their way to a degree.

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