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"If they had asked me not to turn the book into a play I would have really had to consider my options. While old men talk about the past young men talk about the future."However there are downsides."The one major problem with dating a younger man is that it probably won't last. "I am still seeing the final character to appear in the musical called Ben.The girls always come first to me but they are married with children of their own and have moved on. I want to live my life."They sent me a fabulous ring of cupcakes on opening night so I think I have their seal of approval."Wendy has seen the play five times but says she still struggles to watch the scene where the was obvious chemistry between us. It is 12 years and counting."The pair met after Wendy put an advert in a national paper while filming a documentary for BBC Two called Passion Never Dies. It was way ahead of online dating and the likes of Tinder.

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Following a short holiday fling she discovered that he was in fact just 19, not 27 as she had thought. What followed was a seven-year relationship with a 28-year-old estate agent, a sixmonth love affair with a CID officer, then 41, and a dalliance with an Australian hunk called Robbie.

Friends may not have approved but Wendy was incredibly happy and in 2007 she decided to publish her liaisons in The Toyboy Diaries, hoping to encourage other women her age to follow suit.

Her first marriage ended after two years at the age of 23 and the second after 14 years, by which time she was 42.

Finding herself back on the market in her early 40s she refused to wallow in self-pity so when she met a man young enough to be her son while on a skiing trip to the French Alps with her then 16-yearold daughter Gabrielle she didn't shy away from the opportunity. It completely revived me."That one experience opened the gate to a whole younger generation of men.

Second, older men were brought up in a society that valued them a lot more than their mothers or sisters so that generation has a lower regard for women."I've been on quite a few dates with older men where they have done all the talking and not asked me a single question. I would never date an older man again, let alone marry one."Wendy says that younger men are more interesting and more interested. They do respect women more than the older generation."So what are the positives of having a toyboy? I would never get married again as there is no reason to."I'm self-sufficient and have become quite selfish over the years.

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"After reading it she said she would love to turn the diaries into a play."OVER the next few months Katy ploughed on and after deciding it would work as a musical she employed composer Andy Collyer.

The process took four years but finally it opened at Hope Mill theatre in Manchester at the end of last year."I was so nervous on opening night," says Wendy.

She divorced her first husband and married Macron 14 years later.

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