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Prior to Figueres’ landmark initiative, Costa Rica, had suffered from a series of unstable governments.

Figueres himself came to power through an armed insurrection that pitted him against Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia, a former president (1940-1944) who was trying to regain power through fraudulent elections and, ultimately, violence.

Some 2,000 people died during the 44-day uprising, and it has been argued that Figueres abolished the military in order to avoid a future potential military coup against him.

The allure of Costa Rica is thus strong, the beautiful and sophisticated women, the peaceful life, the gorgeous beaches.

Millions of foreigners are getting attracted towards Costa Rica for all of these reasons.

So, they are one of the most well educated, sophisticated and cosmopolitan girls of Latin America. Thus, majority of Costa Rican girls prefer to have a career.

Along with being good in their career, they also take responsibility of their own home. So, they can be named as multi-talented as they are both committed to their work without compromising their family life.

The main specialty of the people of Costa Rica is that they are not a part of the rat race.

They are typically a bunch of cheerful people who work hard yet don’t compromise with the small happiness of life.

Yet, along with all these tasks, they can make a successful career for them out of their home.

So, a Costa Rica bride can be a dream for the grooms from all over the world as they are caring, supportive yet successful both at their home and outside.

On the international front, Costa Rica is currently involved in a border dispute with Nicaragua, which includes the occupation by a contingent of Nicaraguan army troops of disputed territories along the San Juan River since last year.

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