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We set a goal to find prior art on all 38 Blackbird Tech patents and applications and then obtain a legal determination that Blackbird Tech’s patents are invalid.

Such a determination will end Blackbird’s ability to file or threaten to file abusive patent claims, against us or anyone else.

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Process for invalidating a patent dating site matches music

An IPR, the most common procedure, may only be instituted on the basis of lack of novelty or obviousness in view of earlier patents or printed publications.

Unlike IPR, PGR has a limited window of availability and applies only to newer patents.

Only parties that have been sued or charged with infringement of a "financial product or service" (rather than a "technological invention") may initiate a CBM.

But, if these criteria are met, the CBM may be based on the same grounds as a PGR.

Numerous changes to IPR, PGR and CBM procedures are currently under consideration.

Many appear outcome-neutral: They ostensibly would not favor one side. Supreme Court is set to hear arguments this term regarding the latter change in , to determine the appropriate breadth given to patent claims considered during post-grant proceedings. Regardless of whether reforms are enacted, a number of factors suggest that a decline in the invalidation rate is inevitable and imminent.

Patents other than business method patents (such as those in the life sciences sector) are faring better at the PTAB.

As a more diverse range and a stronger group of patents undergo review, over time the invalidation rate should decline.

were invalidated; by comparison, 31 percent of patents in Europe were invalidated in 2015, according to data from the research database Docket Navigator and the European Patent Office annual report.

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