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If there is a surplus after all the company assets have been dealt with and the debts and liquidation expenses have been paid, then it will be distributed back to the shareholders.

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There are two voluntary liquidation procedures and one compulsory procedure.

The voluntary procedures, which are initiated by the shareholders and directors are explained in more detail below and the compulsory procedure, which is usually initiated by creditors like HMRC via a court order, is also by insolvent companies and is initiated by a shareholders’ resolution.

You must call a meeting of shareholders and ask them to vote.

75% (by value of shares) of shareholders must agree to the winding-up to pass a ‘winding-up resolution’.

Trading companies are usually closed down, although sometimes they may continue to trade for a short time so the business can be sold.

When the liquidation is complete, the company is removed from the Companies Office Register.

They can claim as an unsecured creditor for any shortfall.

If there is any surplus after the assets have been valued or sold, it will be paid to the liquidator.

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