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It is well known in vintage watch collecting circles that the condition of a dial has enormous ramifications in terms of commercial value, with the generally held view being that approximately 40% of the value of a desirable classic Rolex lies directly in its dial.

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Collectors pay very high prices for watches with original perfect dials for the simple reason that very few exist.

This dial is as fine as could be bought anywhere, at any price level.

Anyone looking to add a gentleman’s vintage Rolex Tudor to their collection will not find a better, more untouched example than the one here.

In a heavy solid gold case and in a condition verging on unused old stock, this is an exceptional watch that stands head and shoulders above the Rolex Tudors that typically appear online, especially on the mass market auction websites.

One of the very appealing aspects of watches like this one is that their traditional styling renders them immune from the any potential fall from grace caused by a change in public taste.

This item will look just as attractive and relevant twenty years from now as it does today, or did twenty years ago.

If a buyer had purchased a new gold Rolex Tudor forty-five years ago, placed it in safe storage and forgotten about it, the result would be the item here.

Case construction is interesting, following a duopartite format that does away with the standard arrangement of case back, case body and bezel.

As with any form of antiques, in the field of vintage wristwatches the buyer gets what he pays for or, perhaps better said, he definitely doesn’t get what he doesn’t pay for.

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