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Four members of the Swift Current Broncos were killed in a bus crash in Saskatchewan in 1986.

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"Tonight, we all must pray for these families." The Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League is a Junior ‘A’ hockey league under Hockey Canada, which is part of the Canadian Junior Hockey League.

It’s open to North American-born players between the age of 16 and 20.

"Sending all my thoughts and prayers to those impacted with the ↕Humbolt Broncos bus crash." "To the City of Humboldt, the entire Broncos organization, and the families impacted by this tragedy, please know you are in Saskatchewan’s hearts," Moe said in a statement.

"From a grieving province, thank you to every one of the first responders and medical professionals for your courageous response under the most difficult circumstances imaginable.

"We just need to try to support each other as we deal with this incredible loss to our community, to our province, to our hockey world." Kevin Henry, a coach who runs a hockey school in Prince Albert, said he knows players on the team. The Western Hockey League Swift Current Broncos expressed their condolences.

"Humboldt Broncos weighing heavy in our hearts and minds tonight," the team said on Twitter.

"I’ve got 50 phone calls at least saying what do you want?

"There’s uncles and moms and dads waiting to hear whether their sons and nephews are OK. It’s absolutely terrible." Pastor Jordan Gadsby at the Apostolic Church in Nipawin said more than a hundred people had gathered at the church — including parents and grandparents of the players who were on the bus.

"Lots of them are waiting for information," he said.

"Some of the families have gotten information and have gone to be with their kids.

Darren Opp, president of the Hawks, said a semi T-boned the players’ bus. "It’s very, very bad." Opp said the coaching staff and players from the Hawks were waiting to help.

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