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Its sad because people don’t understand that, and like I said earlier, it’s like the Eddie Cane situation.

On the restraining order he has against Raz B and his brother I sued him and his brother and got restraining orders against them and I won so…

How reacted to the molestation claims It was a big joke to me. Whether Raz B is on drugs Yeah What would happen if the two were in the same room together Honestly, if we were in the same room together, he is so crazy he would probably try to say whats up to me, like ‘whats up man? He was trying to extort Chris [Stokes] for money, he asked for money a couple of times because they are cousins.

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B2K broke into the US pop charts in late 2001 with their single "Uh Huh".

The group's debut album, B2K was released on March 12, 2002. Their debut album included follow-up singles including "Gots Ta Be", which managed to break the top 40 by charting at #34.

Former member of B2K, Raz-B, and older brother, Ricky Romance, are coming out on record making startling allegations that Stokes molested both of them, and most likely all of the other B2K members as well as Marques Houston.

Raz-B can be seen in the Youtube clip below confessing the molestation to Marques Houston’s sister: He claims to be on a new spiritual journey finding solace in God.

Earlier this week, news about Raz B’s tell-all with some very salacious homosexual and molestation accusations about the members of B2K, their former manager Chris Stokes, Bow Wow, Immature, and a host of other men in the entertainment industry hit the web. Eddie Cane went on drugs and he was the only one that just fell and he tried to come back and I think his whole thing was trying to get the group together and that wasn’t going to happen.

This wasn’t the first time Raz B started calling everybody gay or dredging up unnecessary details about their possible sexually abusive pasts, but over the years Chris Brown has been the only one to flip out at dude, which was a little curious in itself. He wants that attention because B2K was huge and everybody knows how big B2K was and when something like that is stripped from you, and you can’t get any fame you go to the extreme measures and the dude is psycho. For one, I don’t even think Raz has ever met Chris Brown. I know Omarion and Chris Brown are really cool but then he starts mentioning Bow Wow. Is he going to mention that God did something to him next? So he felt like maybe if I get attention this way….

All the [things] that my brother was introduced to, that shit was brought to me first.

I blocked that shit and I wasn’t with it – I backed out … And yet, I took my brother [Raz B] over to Chris, and I didn’t protect him like I should have.” “[Chris Stokes] molested my brother [Raz B] and he molested me …

What’s up with Chris Stokes Chris is actually in the process of doing that right now. It’s all lies and it’s all rumors and it’s all false, but to the people out there who bought into it shame on you.success and not some artist who actually has a career going for him right now like, I don’t know, Chris Brown, is comical to say the least.

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