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Be warned that, as the title implies, it contains (or rather consists entirely of) discussion of sex, including mentions of pretty skeevy stuff, but all in a completely non-graphic way (no body parts or actual acts are brought up).

And again, it will probably make rather little sense if you haven't previously familiarized yourself with the characters involved by reading the actual fic. Swearing, discussion of gore and psychological horror, makes no sense if you haven't read the fic, etc.

Chapter 9.5: A bit less silly than the others, thanks to taking place the night after the end of chapter nine instead of pre-chapter seven.

Dave and Mia Discuss Hotdogs: This one is longer than usual and happens four years after the creation of the morphs, or six years before the bulk of the fic and the other extras.

It is also written in present tense, so if that makes your eyes bleed, you have been warned.

Incidentally, if you go to TV Tropes, a reader made a page for it a while ago. And the idea of Dave trying to give her dating advice seemed pretty hilarious to my sleep-deprived mind and refused to let it go until I'd written it.

Dave and Mia Discuss Sex: Chronologically happens sometime prior to chapter five, when Mia is still at school, but it's utterly meaningless (and considerably more disturbing) if you aren't already completely familiar with the characters, so please don't attempt to read it unless you've previously read the entirety of the actual fic.Contains swearing (lots of it, thanks to Dave's state of mind), copious consumption of alcohol, mentions of sex, discussion of death and murder, objectification of women, and kicking of puppies.(Not really for that last one.) Dave and Mia Discuss Relationships: Back to the pre-chapter-5 timeframe, this time with more Mia! Contains swearing, more sex talk, disturbing bloodlust, and a complete veer off the initial subject.Contains swearing, violence, blood, character death, and mentions/thoughts of suicide.Dave and Mia Discuss Nudity: In which Dave tries to convince six-year-old Mia of why people are supposed to wear clothes.Jack and Gabriel Discuss Death: A more serious extra this time, featuring Jack and Gabriel.

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