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They were ok with this, and we set the starting day a week from now.

They also told me that the signing of the contract and the welcome to the company meeting will be on my first day. It sounds like you have received a very informal offer.

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If I'm reading correctly between the lines of your question, all that will be accessed in a browser is, so in your case: get a certificate for that name.

Then the SSL certificate should work for https://and https:// whatever subdomains you choose to use.

The FQDN of the server itself is "servername.companyname.local"- so I can't use that.

Any suggestions or ideas would be much appreciated! So if your portal clients visit, use portal.

On such a short notice and being a multi national company, I don't think they mean harm.

Probably, they just need the time to get the contract through their buerocracy and mailing it back and forth would take too long.

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) resolves to the public (dynamic) IP address of our office.

At the office, the router is configured to forward port 443 to a server running a (Spiceworks) web portal that the staff can access from home.

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