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) resolves to the public (dynamic) IP address of our office.

At the office, the router is configured to forward port 443 to a server running a (Spiceworks) web portal that the staff can access from home.

After 5 interviews with managers and directors, a psychotechnic evaluation and finally a health analysis, they called me, and told me that I got the job!

I'm really happy, but nervous at the same time, because they wanted me to start this following monday; I told them that I really needed a week to settle things in my current job.

I've just purchased an SSL certificate, and am now in the process of completing a certificate signing request on the server. When completing the certificate signing request, for "", what should I enter?

Should I enter the canonical name (https://portal.dlinkddns.com) or the alias (https://portal.company.com)?

And if they visit https://portal.company.com, use portal.

If your clients will access both, get a certificate with one of the names as DN and the other as subject Alt Name, so it can be used for both.

Check-out Dana's new book, Let Me Tell You About Jasper. As the First Republican woman White House Press Secretary, and founder of Minute Mentoring, Dana has countless lessons to share with young adults developing their careers and balancing their personal lives.

Passionate about helping others, mentoring is an important priority for Dana.

Looking back, it was my best option at the time (and my first job, so I had nothing to lose! note: I made a big assumption here that you have probably done a lot of verbal communication, and not a ton of written.

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